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June 29, 2009


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Shamon! You know it.. I stopped buying records (or CDs, whatever the kids call them these days) right around 2002. Then last year, I was suddenly overcome with the urge to own Off the Wall. Heavens to Betsy, methought, I'm sick of only hearing snippets of those songs on the radio or TV or at other people's parties. I NEED them in full length! So I took myself to Amoeba and bought both Off the Wall and Thriller.. That's my tribute to MJ: I actually PAID for his music.

PS: Yes, Quincy Jones deserves major props in my book for his collaborations with Jackson. Then again, his "Hicky Burr" record with young Bill Cosby is awesome to the supreme, too!


This is awesome. It's so lame that when someone dies, suddenly everyone is afraid to say anything negative. My dad who is on the old side and considers Pavarotti to be a pop music icon, said Saturday over fish tacos in San Diego that he never really cared for MJ. I said: "What? Was it the fact that he was a pedophile or that he dressed like a woman?" My dad is a retired judge, very liberal, and never one to rush to judgment--or to judge anyone else's life choices, gave it some real thought before he said: "I don't know what it was... He just... rubbed me the wrong way." Hahaha!

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